Pizza 3 redigeret

I’ve always loved to cook. From scratch. For me there is nothing better than buying a lot of ingredients and get started with a lot of recipes. Once you find out that you can not tolerate gluten, you are knocked out, and think you have to eat carrots and potatoes you’re whole life.
To start with, I had to bake everything myself. For a long time, I ate rock hard buns and a lot of dry  bread, when suddenly you could buy gluten-free bread and buns in the shops.

At that time it was becoming hard for me to bake, it was not fun, it was never good. The range of recipes was limited, and you could hardly get anything other than corn flour in the shops.

It did not take long before I went to work again, and suddenly gave it all makes sense. It was fun again, things worked and then, I started to create my own recipes.

I started La Mia Cucina, an Italian inspired gluten-free food blog, with my best recipes and a lot of pictures.

Because you CAN have fluffy bread and cakes that taste amazing, even though they are gluten-free. That’s what I am here for!