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Gradually, the quality of wheat flour (and others) inferior, as everything must be faster to be produced in no time. There is sprayed more and more as not just go on pests, but also in the water and on the crop.

Gluten The amount gluten in the flour is elevated, because that’s what makes the bread rise nice and big. But it’s also what makes the problem. More and more people get problems with the much ruined wheat flour.

It actually makes sense. The more things are processed, the more gluten coming, not just in bread, but all kinds of things, the harder it becomes for us to be able to break it. It is simply too much for our bodies.

Some who have problems with gluten can tolerate eating spelt flour, because spelt has not changed and are not destroyed so much as wheat flour.

Some can not tolerate the slightest trace of gluten, while others just do not feel good to eat gluten, but sometimes they can eat a piece of plain bread, without anything happening. No matter who you are, whether it is yourself that will avoid gluten, your child is allergic or something else, I have here at La Mia Cucina gathered all my experiences and recipes with gluten-free food. I bake with natural gluten free flours and avoids wheat starch as many do not feel comfortable with, including myself.

For me it’s important to bake gluten-free tastefully pastries, which does’t need not be freshly baked to taste good, but are soft, fluffy and delicious even a few days after it was baked. It will not taste gluten-free, but be as similar as ordinary as possible to the bakery products you can buy at the bakery.

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My 5 main bake rules

  • Never allow white bread to raise more than 1.5-2 hours. It quickly gets a sourdough flavor and crack / crack on top, so they can easily become dry when they are baked.
  • I always make sure to write in my recipes if some flour can be replaced by something else. If it doesn’t say you can replace it, try to avoid choosing a different type of flour. It’s important, when you for example bake my birthday buns that you use the fine rice flour, so the rolls can be light and soft.
  • Follow recipes to the letter, when it comes to bread. When you start having to bake gluten-free, you can suddenly do not use all the things you already have learned. Kneading you can’t do, the feeling for whether to ad more dry or wet ingrediens in the dough, you can’t use because the dough will often be wet and difficult to handle. I have a few times in the beginning thought that the dough was way to sticky, and then poured more flour in, then the buns where baked they felt like stone.
    It takes a long time before gluten free makes sense.
  • Cut a plastic bag and place it over your baking muffins or bread, just as you would with a tea towel. It offers the buns/bread to raise easier, which makes them much better after you bake them.
  • Do not give up. I always get very frustrated when I can’t do it right the first time, because i tell my self that it does’t  help if I do it exactly the same, again. But for some reason it always at one time or another, suddenly work. I have now worked at a pancake recipe for 2 years, which has always tasted of buckwheat, has been rock hard or just boring. Now it’s finally succeed, and I now know that every time I try something new, there is a risk that it does not go as I wanted it, but I know that at some point it will.
    You can get and do whatever you want, you might just try a few times!

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Important flours and other things I bake with

Tapioca flour – The small Italian root, providing a very light and fine flour which does wonders in baked goods. It’s only 1.5 years since I discovered it, and since then it has changed my bread and cakes.

Fine rice flour – It’s the base when I bake. Along with tapioca flour gives the airy, light and soft buns that taste absolutely wonderful.

Xanthan gum – A bit like psyllium husk, xanthan gum acts as a binder. It makes dough elastic, almost like gluten would do. Xanthan gum can not be replaced with psyllium husk, as Psyllium husks not make the dough elastic, but rather causes it to hang together as a porridge.

Dry yeast – I bake with gluten-free dry yeast,  only because it’s the easiest.

Where to buy? Health food has xanthan gum, gluten-dry yeast, fine rice flour and tapioca flour. You can also order it online, if you doesn’t live close to a health food.

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I have in the first several years, only had limited tools. I had a small blender, a hand blender and some spoons that I could use in bagnings process.

I’ve only recently bought a Kitchen Aid mixer, which I use to make long term raised bread, but most often I mix the dough together by hand and it works well. There is no reason to go out and buy a lot of equipment, before you find out what you actually need.
Most you can do, with things that you already have.