4 days for Christmas !! Wow it’s gone fast! I am so excited for christmas but also to the New Year, which I love almost as mush as Christmas Eve. I look forward to the new year when my first cookbook will get published, where I hopefully get further with the blog here.

But for now it’s Christmas and I still have four recipes to share with you. In fact, this brownie recipe is also in the cookbook, however, just without the candy canes on. It’s the BEST brownie I have ever baked and tasted.
A fun dough, which I first thought was dry and strange, but when it is baked, it gives the most amazing brownie.


How to:

All the ingredients are mixed together in a bowl. Stir the batter well. Line a 20 × 20 cm. form with the backing paper and spread the dough in.

Bake the brownie for 20-25 min. at 175 degrees.

When the cake has come out of the oven and cooled off, crush the candy canes and drizzle over the cake.