Instead of having a recipe today, I’d rather write about how to succeed with baking glutenfree. You can have a lot of recipes, but if your bread still goes wrong, more recipes probably won’t help that.

When I found out that I could´t tolerate gluten for quite a few years ago by now, then the only place you could buy gluten-free bread was in the selected health stores. I began to try out, the very small selection of recipes that existed.

I spent countless hours in the kitchen, baked with high expectations, hardly able to wait for what it came out of the oven and disappointed thrown dry, uncooked and strangely bread out. I WOULD succeed with the bread I WOULD crack the code, it couldn’t be true that I would never get a croissant (which  probably is the thing I miss the most, and the recipe I work mostly on) again.


Bagels here

I kept buying ingredients and bake, but it didn’t really better. I continued and baked all the time, back and forth, thinking that I at one time or another would find a good recipe that tasted “normal”. I almost never followed recipes, because there was almost no written yet.

At one point, I made pease with that i could make, even though  – it was not to eat to others, than myself. It soon became quite boring so I stopped baking bread and instead bought at health stores, if I wanted to have bread. Otherwise, I just ate something else.
The bread here was good, it gave me little hope for my own baking, so I started reading about gluten-free baking anywhere I could find information about it. I discovered tapioca flour, the fine rice flour and then of course xanthan gum.

My three wonderful ingredients that I can’t bake without.



Pita here


Naanbread here


I found a recipe online, changed a lot in it, to adapt it to me (I can also not tolerate potato flour) and mixed the first batter together. Put 7 buns up on a baking sheet with wax paper and covered them, to raise.
Then they came in the oven and where baked, and for the first time in a very long time, it smelled like normal bread. I took them out to cool on a rack and could hardly wait to taste. I cut them over and tasted.

The code was cracked.

It took me almost 3 years, and what a relief to get there. The next several days the oven was on nonstop. I had to try it all. Could cinnamon rolls work? A pizza base and maybe sausage rolls.
From there I quickly learned what could change in the recipes I made, and what could not be changed. I was sure of it and could suddenly make good1 bread and dough and knew what was missing.
It still goes in the sink sometimes and I use many attempts to get a recipe in the house, but with a few things to remember and some techniques, far more attempts succeed than fail. It will probably always be like that, when I need to make a recipe that only exists with gluten in. It’s going to go wrong a few times until I find out what I should do and what I should NOT do.

But now it’s fun again and I want to bake new bread and try new recipes all the time.



The best buns ever made, here


Pizza here

Today, it dont need to take SO long to crack the code, as it did for me. There are so many more, who can not tolerate gluten now, at least many people have figured it out now. It’s a shame, because I figure that it will probably continue to rise. The amount of gluten in flour increases, so the bread can raise nicer and faster and cheaper. Our flours are completely destroyed. Everything must go as quickly and flours are max pressured.

So it is understandable that with the masive amount of gluten now exist in most breads, and also in many other things than bread, that our bodies can not handle it.
Some can tolerate flour as spelt, the old varieties that have not change so much, such as wheat flour.

I often bakes long raised bread, cold raised bread and bread with many different ingredients. I would maybe get many more followers and likes if I pitched my recipes as easy, fast and with few ingredients. But I never do. It is not important to me.
I know that it attracts many with the easy, quick fixes, and it’s not because I always bakes homemade bread or have a sourdough in the refrigerator. Sometimes things go fast and then you have no time or don’t want to use the time you have on baking.

But it is still important to me that things take the time they need to take, the bread is allowed to rise and the dough is resting enough time, and I believe that there is huge difference in what you get out of it eventually. I know there is.



Bread here

For me it is important to buy organic. Not because it all has to be oh and oh so organic, but because we simply will have to take care of what we have. The flours we have, nature, the world and so on. We must take care of the flours, so they do not become more broke than they already are.

We must take care of our water. It can easily seem completely unmanageable. I found out that there is plastic debris in sea salt, of all the plastic that lands in the oceans. It can quickly feels as if everything we do is wrong and that there is always a better choice.

But if we just do what we can, buy himalayan salt instead of sea salt, don’t use one-time coffee mugs and take our own bags instead of buying or get a new plastic bag each time we buy stuff, we have already come a long way.

And maybe check that your buckwheat, sunflower seeds and flour does not come from far away, but as close as possible.



Kanelsnegle 4 redigeret

Cinnamon buns here


And to succeed with pastries, follow the recipe you use and don’t change in it until you’ve tried it and succeeded, and so you can experiment and change one thing at a time, and then you know what is going wrong if it won’t go as it should.

And then set one goal at a time. Just the thing I am really bad at 😀 I start with a whole lot of things at once, and become completely confused and overwhelmed. Take one thing at a time and try to do the things you have set yourself to, and buy yourself  the rest so you don’t get overwhelmed.
It should not be tiresome and a bad thing to be baking, it is not the intention. It should be fun and enjoyable, and although it may not be good they first many many times and feels like it can never be good, it will work out at some point.

Things always do.



Christmas bread